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Advantages of Using Google Analytics for Web Hosting and Analytics

Google Analytics provides a great integration opportunity for website owner and hosting companies to support a rich collection of reports and analytics features to improve and optimize a consumer’s online business. With the Google Suite of Services, Google provides an integrated analytics solution for website builders and web host services to help consumers maximize their business and cut their web-based marketing costs. With many different options available to manage data across all platforms, including reports and custom dashboards, Google Analytics is an affordable option for web hosting and analytics experts. Benefits of using a Google Suite of Services.

The Google Suite of Services is designed for site owners and web masters to access and manage analytics from a central interface without having to maintain multiple dashboards and reporting solutions for each individual resource. This means less data management effort, faster deployment, and more accurate and updated information. The Analytics API is an open standard that allows developers to integrate Google analytics into their websites without having to develop additional code or add tracking functionality to existing hosting plans. Custom reports can be created, stored, and shared within the service with ease and simplicity.

Google provides analytics solutions for both mobile devices, such as iPhones and Android phones, and web devices like Windows, Macs, and Linux machines. With the Google Analytics SDK for mobile phones, some code changes are all that are required to integrate Google analytics into a mobile web experience. For web services, a simple setup process can provide a great deal of information on user behavior.

Web hosts and website owners can monitor their website’s performance in real time using the Google Analytics API. Utilizing the API, website owners can easily view details on visitors who arrive via a landing page, what pages they clicked, and how long it took them to complete their browsing. If a site visitor does not complete their online purchase, information on their browsing history will show when they leave, such as which pages they were redirected to after landing and which pages they are looking at on the site’s home page.

Real-time tracking of the performance of a website can help website owners improve conversions and increase revenues. The Analytics API can also be used by search engine robots to provide the latest news about the website’s performance.

Web masters can see what visitors are searching for on their sites before they find them. Using Google’s free Keyword Tool, webmasters can analyze the phrases that people are typing into the search engines in order to learn the most popular keywords and phrases used on the web. A simple keyword analyzer can reveal where people are looking, what they are searching for, and what the most popular phrases are being used. A key logger can also be used to track visitor behavior by recording keywords and phrases, including how often a visitor leaves the page by clicking the back button. This information can be used by web hosts and web masters to customize their website and optimize the site to drive more traffic to a specific area of the site. In addition to tracking traffic, users can see what links are being clicked and where the most visitors are coming from.

With the Google Analytics SDK for mobile devices, web servers can automatically create and upload Google reports to mobile devices with the use of an application-programming interface (API). This allows websites to automatically provide reports and dashboard data to mobile users, even if they are away from the office. It also allows web hosts to provide analytics to mobile users on their website, in addition to being able to receive reports for each mobile phone and monitor the performance of their site in real-time.

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