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Individuals who agree to have their social media profile public, should be aware that advertisers have the ability to take information that interests them to be able to send them information and advertisements to boost their sales.

In 2012, Facebook purchased information from 70 million households from a third party company called Datalogix. This involves tracking the volume of visits, leads, and customers to a website from the individual social channel. Google Analytics is a free tool that shows the behavior and other information, such as demographics and device type used, of website visitors from social networks.

In recent studies, 72% of people surveyed expressed that they expected a response to their complaints on Twitter within an hour. 117 Sports personalities such as Cristiano Ronaldo have 40.7 million followers on Twitter and 49.6 million on Instagram , creating opportunities for endorsements. “We’re all connected: The power of the social media ecosystem”.

“Effects of word-of-mouth versus traditional marketing: Findings from an internet social networking site”. “Social Media Mishaps Cost Firms $4 Million in 2010”.

WhatsApp has released its new app for businesses, known as WhatsApp Business.

This app is now introduced in India which helps small businesses to let them interact with their consumers and clients in a convenient mode. It has great features which assist businesses to form their own profiles with information’s such as Business description, email, phone number, outlet addresses and website Link. This app has options to send greetings messages to new users and set away messages when people are busy.

Business owners will also get to monitor messaging data and review what messages have been read and analyze what is working better on the platform. As per the research, more than 85% of small businesses in India consider WhatsApp has one of the prominent medium to communicate with consumers and nurture their businesses. Businesses can make voice and video calls.

We Harness the power of Digital and Social Media Cumulatively. If you are here and interested to join us ( Omkara Marketing Services ) then surely it won’t be just your dream so far, but we all together with you will put complete efforts to make it real if you join us. Learning the best time to post, knowing what your audience will like, etc.

Lead Generation (Offline/Online): We select this Goal if you want to generate leads for your business.

You have to be strategic with your ad spend, content selection, targeting frequency and audience demographics. Social Media Campaigns goals make it easier to understand the performance of your ads quickly. Traffic (Offline/Online): We select this Goal if you want maximum numbers of visitors or customers on your website/app.

Engagement (with Website/App/in Store): We select this Goal if you want customers to get engaged with your posts. Engagement is measured by shares, comments, likes, and retweets can help you understand what content works best. It also allows your brand get the conversation going with users.

We are a team of specialists who consistently deliver outstanding results combining creative ideas with vast experience. We work in areas as diverse as search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing and digital marketing.

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